Wilder Forest At Sunset

The Wilder Forest and Wildlife Preserve is a newer addition to the Durham trail system. The acreage for the public trail system was donated by the Wilder family in 2007.

The terrain is hilly, with the trail weaving over and around hills. We visited in the winter with snow blanketing the ground, but the hills were not too difficult at all to maneuver.

We parked at the side of Concession 6, where the road turns in a groove that provides just enough room to park offside the road. We entered the trail from the north-west of the road (see map with pink rectangle above), at entrance F9.

The trail itself is beautiful and the terrain makes it exciting, with a mix of tall dense trees and open meadow areas. We are looking forward to visiting again in the summertime.

See below for some photography taken during the hike!

Because use of the trail is prohibited at night, we were able to catch the sunset both when leaving the trail as well as driving back home.

See below for exact location of the trail entrance. On this map, you can zoom out for a layout of the trail system. The entrance is just under an hour drive from downtown Toronto.

Have you visited Wilder Forest? What was your experience?

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