Camping at Oastler Lake Provincial Park – Site #151

Woohoo! Finally COVID cases are decreasing in Ontario, and Ontario Parks has now made overnight camping open to the public. We snagged a last-minute camping spot at Oastler Lake Provincial Park located near Parry Sound just days before planning on camping.

We snagged campsite #151 – and I can say it’s one of the best sites we have camped at. The site has 2 levels, perfect for separating an eating and a sleeping area. It overlooks Oastler Lake through the trees.

The best part about this site was the private trail down to the shore of the lake. As the trail was directly off of our campsite, we were the only ones who had access to it.

The bay at Oastler Lake was perfect for swimming. The water was deep enough to jump into from off nearby rocks. There is a smaller cliff that is less daunting to jump from, and a rather large cliff for thrill-seekers.

One of the relatively smaller jumping cliffs, located at the north end of the bay.
I wasn’t gutsy enough to jump from this one, I’d estimate it at 30+ feet. Several other campers were jumping from these rocks, however. These are located at the south end of the bay.

Our visit was overall pleasant, and we would definitely look at returning. The park warden and management team were super friendly. The only thing that takes away from the experience is the nearby train tracks. At night this was louder, especially when the train honks.

Have you visited or camped at Oastler Lake? Let me know in the comments below!

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