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Murphy’s Pinnacle Lookout at Boyne Valley Provincial Park

Boyne Valley Provincial Park is located within Shelburne and is about an hour and a half drive north west of Toronto.

There is a small parking lot at the very south end of Centre Road, with room for about 6-8 cars. On way we saw a small parking lot on Prince of Wales Road, with cars parked to the side of the road closer to the trail entrance.

We only had time for a brief hike when we visited, so we headed straight for Murphy’s Pinnacle Lookout. This lookout lies at the top of a hill of glacial deposit, providing an excellent vantage point. It’s about a 15 minute hike from the parking lot. 

The Boyne Valley Provincial Park is meets the Niagara Escarpment to the west. The hills and rolling terrain is a result of glacier deposits from the last ice age, ending about 12,000 years ago. 

Although we had a brief hike, we enjoyed the trail that cut through groves of paradise apple trees, sumac trees, and maple trees. In early September, we caught a few leaves beginning to turn colour, signalling the return of autumn. 

Although a short visit – it was a lovely hike and we are planning on returning when the leaves have changed colours.

Have you visited Boyne Valley Provincial Park? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Kerncliff Park in Burlington

Kerncliff Park, located within and managed by the city of Burlington, is truly a hidden treasure of diverse landscapes and scenic hiking trails. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Toronto with no traffic, northwest of the major intersection of highway 407 and 403. The trails weave through dense forest with shade to keep cool […]

Views at Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Mount Nemo Conservation Area is owned and managed by Conservation Halton, and is located just under an hour from Toronto within Burlington. The area features over 7 km of trails, the majority of them being along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. Mount Nemo requires reservations in order to visit. We booked online on the […]

The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park

After a long year, we took a week off work and wanted to spend it in Northern Ontario. The first night we stayed in Tobermory before grabbing the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry to Mantoulin Island the following day. Bruce Peninsula National Park was the perfect place for us to visit! Managed by Parks Canada, Bruce Peninsula […]

Bruce Trail at Speyside Resource Management Area

We visited two weekends in a row in July. The first visit was incredibly mosquito-ey, but we were determined to return a second time, and came more prepared with long-sleeved clothing and insect repellant. Speyside Resource Management Area is about an hour from Toronto, just northwest of Milton. Speyside Resource Management Area is directly south […]

Mourning Doves Nesting on Balcony

On the morning of May 26 in 2022, I opened up the blinds to our apartment balcony to see a pair of mourning doves perched in our planters. At this point I didn’t know much of anything about mourning doves, so I just thought maybe they were looking for some food. I left them alone. […]


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